SWAT Costume & Accessories Rental

Costume party? D&D (Dinner & Dance)? Halloween? Or just want to spice up your event, tradeshow or wedding gate-crashing with SWAT or police themed costumes? We have a whole range of SWAT, CID, detective, undercover police officer type costumes and accessories for rent. These are some of the highest quality and authentic looking accessories available in Singapore! Our costumes have even appeared in MediaCorp, Filmat36, Oak3 Films, and many other TV, TVC and film productions!

You can view our available equipment in recommended variations and their pricing below! Many thanks to local actors Sunny Pang and Gim Goh for being our photoshoot models!

Plain-clothes Cop Sets

Plain-clothes Cop #1

Plain-clothes Cop #2

Plain-clothes Cop #3

Plain-clothes Cop #4

Plain-clothes Cop #5

SWAT Team Set

Swat #1

Swat #2

Swat #3

Swat #4

Individual Item Price List



Black Kevlar Helmet… $10 ($40 security deposit)
Black Ski Mask / Balaclava… $10 ($10 security deposit)
Black Protective Goggles… $10 ($15 security deposit)

Body / Arms

Black Nylon Gloves W/ Rubberized Grip Surface and Velcro Wrist Strap… $10 ($10 security deposit)
Black Leather Half-Gloves… $15 ($20 security deposit)
Dark Blue Coveralls (Limited sets available for sizes M Thru XXL)… $10 ($10 security deposit)
Police Tactical Protection Vest (W/ Choice of “Police” or “SWAT” Labels)… $20 ($50 security deposit)
Police Safety Vest with Reflective Label… $10 ($20 security deposit)
Underarm Pistol Holster… $10 ($25 security deposit)
Police tag $5 ($10 security deposit)
Black Cap $5 ($10 security deposit)

Legs / Waist

Black Utility Belt W/ Eyelets and Clip Buckle… $10 ($15 security deposit)
Leg Equipment Pouch… $10 ($15 security deposit)
“Pancake Type”, Real Leather Revolver Belt Holster… $10 ($35 security deposit)
Tactical Leg Pistol Holster… $10 ($25 security deposit)

Important Notices

*Boots are not provided with our rented costumes.*

**Prop guns shown in the uniform sets are not provided unless specifically rented. All gun rentals are subject to our prop gun rental policy and subject to approval from the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD).**

***For all costume rentals, a refundable security deposit is required when picking up the costume. This deposit can also be used to offset the rental charges. The deposit will be refunded upon the return of the costume in satisfactory condition within the allotted time. Customers are advised to check the costumes during collection as any damage during the return of the costume will be charged to the refundable security deposit. Security deposit amounts and rental charges can be found in the individual item price list below.***

****Costumes are rented on a 24-hour basis unless stated otherwise. Extra rental charges may be applied to late returns.****