Chief Videographer / Steadycam Operator

Suhaimi has been doing wedding and event videography since 2000. He has a keen eye for capturing those special and dramatic moments that make his videos very outstanding and memorable. Suhaimi first worked with Eugene on the set of a short film that he was producing entitled, "More Than Words". Suhaimi was hired to provide production video coverage (behind the scenes videography of the production process). They have since collaborated on numerous other projects including their first-ever 'machinima' short film project entitled, "Order of Madness".

Suhaimi is a tech geek that loves to explore and try out the latest innovations in camera and film production technology. He is also an accomplished Steadycam operator able to produce the most beautiful and smooth "flying" shots with his rig. Never one to say no, Suhaimi always believes that there will be a solution to all problems no matter how challenging or daunting.


Anatomy of A Crime
(English TV Series, TenAlps Asia PLC, Crime & Investigation Network) (2010) - Gun Wrangler (uncredited)

(A short film by Kiran C., NYU TischAsia) (2011) - Gun Wrangler

Point of Entry
(English TV Series, Ep. 20, MediaCorp Studios, Channel 5) (2010) - Gun Wrangler, Police Tactical Team Outfitter (uncredited)

The Forest Spirits
(A short film by Ting Szu Kiong) (2009) - Visual Effects (VFX) Artist

Order of Madness
(An animated Machinima short film) (2009) - Avatar Animator

More Than Words
(A short film by Kelvin Sng, 2005) - Behind the Scenes Videographer