Dexter Boo
Chief Gun Wrangler / Prop Maker

Dexter Boo has an excellent knowledge of Chinese history and literature. His knowledge of historical Chinese weapons, costumes and armour make him an excellent production designer for period films set in ancient China. Dexter also has a passion and flare for scriptwriting, having won awards at local scriptwriting competitions. The most notable being those from the Panasonic-MDA Digital Film Fiesta, National Scriptwriting Competition (Feature Film Category) in 2005 and 2006. Dexter has since written for several TV drama serials (including "Kampong Ties") under the mentorship of established and well recognized local scriptwriter, Koh Teng Liang.

Dexter has been instrumental in the setting up of 16:9 Productions' Weapon Props Unit back in 2009. Under his capable hands and keen eye for detail, over a dozen assault rifles, sub-machine guns and pistols have been transformed from life-sized toy guns into visually authentic replica (non-firing) guns. Our Weapon Props Unit has since expanded and grown into a separate business entity "Prop Guns.SG"

You can view some pictures of his past works below